In this ongoing project, Interiors, I aim to explore the consequences that conditions of place can have on the human psyche. The fictitious scenes that I create are metaphors for human psychological and emotional experiences that take place within these settings. The detailed diorama sets I build, represent altered perceptions of inhabitable spaces and allow for shifts in scale providing a separation from the real, illustrating fictional worlds that mirror the inner parts of our lives.

        Although the history of the miniature is usually intended to create safe and controlled worlds where things are idealized, where aspirations and hopes seem obtainable, I am most interested in creating scenes that evoke varied and individual interpretations of these complex environments. In my photographs, I aim to oscillate between believability and fiction. By distorting perceptions of the real, I modify the familiar, so while these spaces feel believable at first glance, the many disruptions and disconnections in the photographic image ultimately require reinterpretation or reconceptualization of the imaged reality. The rooms that I create take on personalities of their own, becoming varied reflections of lived experiences.

        Inherent in architecture are the psychological effects of enclosed spaces, and the light, geometry, and materials that define them. How we decorate the room and what colors we choose also affect how we experience place. Interiors can reflect an inhabitants experience and can also be a symbolic metaphor for a state of mind. I find inspiration in symbols that exist within the built environment. Doors, windows, and hallways are portals that create visual and psychological transitions between spaces, interior and exterior, known and unknown. The overlooked corners and long corridors harbour and generate a sense of expanded or compressed time. The confounding light in space can either give the viewer an emotional and haunting feeling or a sense of optimism. In my work, these interiors reveal and conceal hidden meanings that lie behind closed doors.