Melonie Mulkey (b. 1984 in Mesa, Arizona), is a visual artist and photographer whose work investigates interior spaces and the layered histories that exist within the built environment. Inspired by architecture, cinema, and theater, staging scenes for the camera has been the focus of her artistic practice and essential in the way she creates images. This genre of photography allows for a range of explorations and through framing, scale, lighting, and color, she aims to bring an emotional and reflective experience to the viewer.

      Mulkey has exhibited in numerous exhibitions across the United States in places such as Filter Photo Gallery in Chicago, JanKossen Contemporary Gallery in New York, and the Ft. Wayne Museum of Art. She has also been the recipient of several awards and included in publications such as Loosen Art, Manifest, and Studio Visit Magazine. Currently, she is a third year MFA candidate and Instructor of Record in Photography at the University of Notre Dame, and lives and works in Indiana with her husband, artist Angelo Ray Martinez.