Group Home

        My photographs are investigations of lived histories in the built environment. Inspired by a combination of memories, testimonies, and material artifacts, I construct detailed diorama sets that reinterpret the stories related to a particular site. By intertwining recollections of the past and present into invented scenes, I explore collective experience and the subjectivity of memory. My personal encounters with these spaces has informed the images by allowing my own history to merge with those unknown. Through the transformation of photography I seek to illuminate a portal into the imagination.

        In this series, Group Home, I collected  interviews from numerous sources and reports written about a teen mental health facility in Tennessee operating from the early 1990’s to the early 2000’s. This institution housed teens and young adults from the ages of 13-20 years old and was shut down due to questionable practices. This work aims to respond to and reinterpret the fragmented memories that patients experienced while housed in this establishment.